“In the home building industry today, with quality expectations what they are, it is difficult to find trades that can both deliver that quality and do it with care. When you do find one, you want to hang on to them. Bramalea Tile is one such company. Patrick goes above and beyond to ensure both you and your homeowners are truly satisfied. Everything from a basic tile installation to custom marble and granite work are dealt with professionally and meticulously. I would recommend them without hesitation.”

Marc Fuss

Contracts Manager

Emery Homes



“Bramalea Tile’s experience is reassuring from the design phase to the completed installation. The options for our customers are endless. I would recommend Bramalea Tile to any quality conscious building professional.”

Ashley Oaks Homes


“We have been working with Bramalea Tile for over 12 years and they are the one trade we know we can count on anytime. Their workmanship is excellent and they consistantly meet all of their scheduled deadlines. Customer satisfaction is the key to the construction industry and Bramalea does whatever it takes to deliver and satisfy its clients.”

Jeffrey Katzman

Rivermill Homes

“I’ve been in the construction industry for 20 years and Bramalea Tile is without a doubt the best tile contracting company I have worked with. Their attention to detail is second to none.”

Yvan Nolet

Fernbrook Homes Site Superintendant


“Bramalea Tile took over our site mid phase and we immediately saw a dramatic reduction in tile deficiencies. They promptly cleaned up existing deficiencies and it is a pleasure to work with them. Bramalea Tile produces the best tile work in the industry.”

Frank Marcelli
Milton Valley Homes Site Superintendant

“Working with Bramalea Tile was a pleasure.You delivered strong expertise in a timely and reliable fashion. I will always think of Bramalea for my future projects or if I’m ever in the position to recommend your service. My father and Domenic Grillo (Pat’s father) knew each other and worked together in the past. Domenic would be proud that his work continues to bring his son referrals. He should be even more proud to know his referrals are met with professionalism and integrity that upholds the family’s good name in the business.”

Ms. Juliana Trichilo Cina, Hon.B.A., M.A.

“I have been dealing with Bramalea Tile for over 20 years. They are honest, hardworking, loyal, and competitive, and no one has ever come close to their workmanship, pricing, and quality of work, and their word is their bond. I would recommend them for any job, big or small, as they are the Best of the Best.”

Ian Tweyman
Project Manager
Emery Investments